LiveMeeting is Still Harder Than Live Meetings!

On Thursday I presented ‘Building a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan’ to the PASS Professional Development Chapter (#PASSProfDev on Twitter) via LiveMeeting. It was my first time giving it to a real audience, rehearsed several times trying to get the pace and content reasonably set – first time presentations always hard, trying to get the right flow and emphasis.

In spite of checking my setup still managed to get started with mute on, took a couple minutes to get that going, and from there all went well, no other technology issues. Jorge Segarra was the moderator and prompted me between slides with some questions from attendees and that worked pretty well, just need to remember to give him a few more seconds so he can interrupt cleanly.

I did the whole presentation walking around and talking to any empty room, trying to be as dynamic as I would be in person, but it was really hard not having the feedback from the room. Too fast? Go faster? Are they engaged or not? No way to tell, so you just cross your fingers and go. The other part that is hard is at the end it’s hard to tell how well you did (and that’s one place where I like what we do at oPASS with the camera & microphone in the room, the speaker gets at least some feedback).

You can view the recording of it at I’m going to deliver this one a few more times and it will probably be one of my Summit abstracts, just needs a lot of polishing still. Curious to see how many people will think enough of it to actually write down a plan of their own.