SQLSaturday Summit at the PASS Summit

Now that we’ve moved SQLSaturday to PASS and we’re seeing some really nice growth in the number of events, I think it makes sense to gather all the thinkers, doers, and dreamers that got us this far and figure out where to go next. With that in mind, I’ve asked for space to seat 100 on Monday morning the week of the Summit (Nov 8th) from 9am – 11am. I don’t have an agenda yet, just a few ideas, and posting here to get feedback that will lead to a final agenda.

Who can attend? We’ve only got room for a 100, and not sure we can manage more than a 100 for what we have in mind, so I was thinking it would be event leaders, event volunteers, and those thinking about doing an event next year, plus some board members and HQ staff.

Agenda thoughts:

  • How to accomplish the goal of having a SQLSaturday in every US state next year, and figuring out an international goal and how to support it
  • Sharing lessons learned. Maybe some 5 min presentations, maybe just some sub-group discussions
  • Talking about features needed on the web site and tools and prioritizing them
  • Areas where PASS can help more – documentation, tools, coaching, ???
  • Bringing SQLSaturday to smaller cities & venues

I think we need a lot of flip charts and a lot of dreams. Picturing something very informal, just blocks of time for various portions but not 2 hours of presentations.

Unfortunately this only includes those at the Summit, not sure how to do better than that for this first attempt, trying to mix in person and online just hard to do effectively. Just thinking that since many of us will be there, we should make the most of the time (and plan to arrive on Sun afternoon, that’s great networking time).


2 thoughts on “SQLSaturday Summit at the PASS Summit

  1. I would take the same approach we took with volunteers a few years back when we had this same need for suggestions from lots of people. We broke the people into groups in the room and gave them all flip charts and let that group brain storm ideas together. I think it’s a great idea to have the meeting. I’m trying to lock a date for a SQL Saturday here so I would be interested in the discussion.


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