Upcoming Presentation for Professional Development Chapter

I’ll be presenting “Building a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan” on May 13th via Livemeeting to members of the PASS Professional Development Chapter. Here is the revised abstract:

A good professional development plan has to go far beyond ‘learning more technology’, it has to encompass the wide variety of skills you need to build the next step in your career, and it has to include a variety of learning methods. We’ll discuss how much time and money you should budget when building your plan, and how the distribution of time and money changes as your career evolves. We’ll look at the growth phases you’ll encounter, learning how you learn best, how to keep up with new technology without burning out, and even how things like blogging and Twitter can be an interesting part of your plan.

The final LM url hasn’t been posted yet, look for it here and at http://prof-dev.sqlpass.org/ soon.