My Idea for the PASS Summit 2010 Opening Night Reception

First, some background. If you’ve been to the Summit you know that we have an opening night reception, lots of buffet food, some years even a free drink or two. It’s part networking, part party, which in my view don’t always go well together, but usually the room is big enough that the networkers can find a quiet zone at the far end.

Now, some more background, though I think you’ll see where I’m going.

I recently took my family for an afternoon at Disney World, something we do a few times a year living in Orlando. If you go to Tomorrow Land there is a stage set up and occasionally they have performers there, and in this case it was a Disney employee singing with some videos, and then they started….

The Cha Cha Slide. If you haven’t see it, get the lyrics here, the song with the lyrics overlaid, a how-to article, and the Wikipedia article about it.

It took about 30 seconds, but the crowd got bigger, and there were 200-300 adults and kids doing left foot left stomp and so on. Definitely has something that appeals, and it works with a crowd.


I say we give this a try at the reception. I’m not a dancer or singer, probably many of you aren’t either, but we’ll be lost in a crowd of a 1000+ SQL people. We post the video of that, I think we might double the attendance next year. Who says we SQL people aren’t fun? We’ve got a deep sense of humor too!

Right foot, right stomp!

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