Windows Themes (We need a PASS Theme!)

I imagine most of us change our wallpaper on the desktop from time to time. Frivolous but fun, a simple way to personalize what is otherwise a not very exciting tool most of the time. Windows 7 does a nice job of taking that further with some really good themes – you can get a bunch of free ones at

That got me thinking, why don’t we have one for PASS? For Summit presenters? For SQLSaturday presenters?

I’m graphically challenged so it’s not something I can do. Someone want to take a shot at it?

4 thoughts on “Windows Themes (We need a PASS Theme!)

  1. What about just taking some of the Flickr pictures from the summit and rotating them through your windows 7 wallpaper. I have that running typically on my laptop from my PASS Summit photowalks. I get to re-live those fun Photowalks and fun summit times all the time. 🙂 Not sure how to create a Theme out of them but something I could look into. 🙂



  2. Pat, I don’t think is a bad idea at all. Thinking nice to have few to choose from.

    Jorge, just tried yours, loaded ok, image is off center – by design?


  3. Jorge,

    I liked yours for presenting or doing webinars makes it really easy to put something up that show’s pass. 🙂 I’ll use it on my talk this weekend at the Code camp.

    I’ll work on a picture based one as well though in case someone want’s the nostalgic view. 🙂



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