Notes on SQLSaturday Tampa 2018

Quick notes: Same location as previous years, good! Parking was same place, but it was confused by a pay-to-park event on the same day. The attendants knew to let SQLSaturday attendees in at new charge, but I’m betting a few paid without asking or turned away Some of the rooms were in an adjacent building. […]

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Notes on Orlando Code Camp 2018

Good crowd, well organized Took down registration early, perhaps 10 am, and that confused a few late(r) attendees (I like to keep the table staffed until after lunch, not just for check-in but also as a focal point if someone needs assistance) Lunch was Jason’s Deli. Simple, good. More staffing companies as sponsors this year, […]

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Farewell, Tom Roush

My friend Tom died yesterday. I just heard the news a few hours ago and while it will take some time to process,  I wanted to write something now, because of all the things Tom loved, surely reading and writing was high on the list and writing something about him seems an appropriate way to […]

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