Filing the Annual Tax Return for SQLOrlando

Similar to my earlier post on filing the annual report, once a year we have to file a tax return with the IRS. Basically if the revenue is less than $50k you can do the “e-postcard” filing.

Here’s the trello card:

Right off the bat I stalled because I didn’t know my user name or the password. Couple minutes to reset and save to my password manager, then I get to this:

Click the manage form 990N button and I see:

Click create new filing and I see:

Continue, then answer 2 questions:

Click Continue and the final page is where you confirm your corporate and personal mailing address. Rather than obfuscate it all I’ll just skip that screenshot! Click submit and confirm, get a nice confirmation that we’re good for another year.

I finished up the original card and marked as done, then Butler moves it to the 2021 completed column. I edited the template card a little, adding the slack channel and removing the steps of manually creating the next card (we use the Repeat Powerup for these now).

And to finish up the task, a quick post of the confirmation in Slack. A little more than 5 minutes this year, but not by much.