The 2021 Plan for SQLOrlando

Over the past couple years we’ve been slowly evolving from a fairly adhoc plan of doing what we did last year to a semi structured plan that was mainly bullet points to a more structured and written out plan for 2021. Writing out a formal (ish) plan supports these goals:

  • Explain clearly to the Board (of SQLOrlando) what we intend to do (and ultimately they can accept or amend the plan – it’s been approved for 2021)
  • Explain clearly to our community what we intend to do – this document is already public (but not announced)
  • It’s our authorization to spend
  • It’s way to work on continuity. If one of us gets tired, distracted, whatever, we have a map of where to go (and an operating manual and Trello Board to support it)
  • Not least, it makes us think about what we want to do.

I like having a plan. It’s certainly a less than perfect plan and I’m sure things will change (already have with the end of PASS). It was written without nearly enough community input, something I hope we can improve on next year.

I like transparency and for me, this is walking the walk. No reason for secrets here.

It’s an ambitious plan for sure and my goal isn’t to say that you need to do what we’re doing in terms of the number or types of events. Borrow ideas if you like them, absolutely, but do the things that excite you, your volunteers, your community. It’s easy (well, sorta) to do more events, but it’s a lot harder to get more people to attend a single event, something we haven’t figured out in Orlando.

If you write a plan for your group, public or not, I’d love to see it. More ideas, different implementations, I’ll take those wherever I can find them.