SQLOrlando Update

We’ve cancelled our upcoming Meetups in April and May due the loss of our venue (due to corona virus worries) though we would have probably cancelled them anyway. Our lunch meetups – typically 5 to 10 attendees – remain scheduled, but we’ll evaluate those as we get closer to the dates.

For the most part we plan quarter by quarter. Our next planning meeting is May 1, that’s when we’ll decide what to do for Q3. If things are normal, good! If not, we’ll see what we can do with virtual meetings or other outreach. May 1 is also when normally we’d be doing the early work on SQLSaturday Orlando to open up registration on June 1 for the October 3 event. We’ll assess things then and if we need to we can push the decision out as far as August 1.

We’re thinking that instead of our May meetup we’ll pick one of the virtual group meetings as “ours” and try to get our group to attend, maybe add some fun by having a SQLOrlando only post presentation hangout or survey and a raffle.

We’ll get back to normal at some point and when it does, we’ll try to get back to normal too. Until then taking optional stuff off the calendar makes life easier for everyone I think.