SQLSaturday Orlando Notes – Large Printed Schedules

One of the things we’ve done most years in Orlando is to print poster sized schedules. This started out as a supplement to giving everyone a printed schedule and soon replaced it. Posting a handful of these is easy and when the schedule changes, you just send someone with a Sharpie to update them. As an attendee I’d argue it’s a much nicer experience to stand in front of the schedule to review your options versus trying to scroll around on your phone.

The effort though, is in the creating of the document. This year we didn’t get it done, one of the few things that fell through, and it was definitely missed. So high on my list for next year is to figure out how to make these near painless. Basically I want to print the schedule at 24×36 or 36×48, showing the title & speaker for each time slot – the standard schedule grid cleaned up some. I want to do it as late as possible because the schedule always changes the week prior to the event. Ideally we’d run some script to create it, take a quick look to validate, and then upload to Fedex for printing and have someone pick it up Friday afternoon.

I don’t know if anyone does this now, or would, but it would be terrific to just be able to download that document from the site when I needed it, all up to date, sponsor logos on it, etc!

2 thoughts on “SQLSaturday Orlando Notes – Large Printed Schedules

  1. Why not use Guide Book or another mobile app to keep attendees updated of schedule changes? The IT Pro Camp Jacksonville event has used Whova mobile app (though it does cost a lot more money) over the last 4 years. Whova has tons and tons of features and allows attendees to interact with each other. It is very easy to make changes to the schedule and push out notifications to the attendees via the app and emails. It also allows speakers to update their own profile and abstract, which automatically updates their info on the schedule within the app. There is a bunch of redundancies though with using PASS and other mobile apps, which cause additional work. Maybe PASS should come up with a mobile app for attendees so that printed schedules (and the last minute changes) could be a thing of the past. Of course they would need to publish to Android, Apple, and Windows mobile devices.


    1. We do use Guidebook, but for “big picture” browsing when you have a lot of rooms its not the easiest experience and it doesnt really lend itself to analog notes like “this session moved to room x”. Again, this post is about poster sized schedules and we only do a few, not providing printed schedules per attendee.


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