SQLSaturday Orlando Notes – Post Event Speaker Survey

One of the follow up items I have from the event was to poll speakers on what hotel they used (see my previous post). In jotting down some notes about other possible questions it occurred to me that this is such a missed opportunity for PASS. You’ve got speakers who go to a lot of events and will notice things that are different (good or bad) and just see it from a different perspective than the organizer that fills out the post event report that goes to PASS.

Writing the questions is the hard part of course.

For me the ideal would be a combination of scored questions and open ended ones. Ideas:

  • Event met/exceeded/did not meet expectations ?
  • Did this event require overnight travel?
  • Something that was new/different compared to other events attended
  • What if anything did not go well for the event overall?
  • Does your presentation require wifi?

Writing good questions is hard because you have to figure out what matters and what you might learn from them, especially in aggregate. Sharing those answers back to the event could be a useful feedback loop. Worth the effort?