Notes from Jacksonville, Atlanta, and South Florida

Misc notes:

  • Jax. Ice cream break in the afternoon is nice, but the waffle cones on site make all the difference, the smell is hard to miss!
  • Jax. Rooms in two different locations is harder. This isn’t uncommon (Tampa had a variation of this) and it’s worth extra effort to help people to find the other rooms.
  • Atlanta. Speaker dinner was 50+, a who’s who of speakers, worth going just for that!
  • Atlanta. I appreciate – a lot – that Atlanta is mindful of the advantage they have when it comes to fund raising and how they work to support other area events.
  • SFla. Sad to see my friend Ray Almonte moving to Texas, he has been a huge part of the S Fla volunteer community. Well deserving of the March 2019 Outstanding Volunteer award.
  • SFla. Had a QA person attend my session (good) and made me think that I should do a session that targets QA.
  • SFla. Went to a session by Eddy Djaja on DBA team management, really interesting topic – think about how DBA teams are different from other teams?