Notes From the 2nd SQLOrlando Lunch Meetup

I won’t blog all of these we do, but wanted to capture a few thoughts and then revisit later in the year.

  • 6 attendees (and I think we missed one that showed up and couldn’t find us, not great)
  • Met at Friendly Confines which worked out well
  • We had 19 sign up, a couple cancel with apologies day of (which is ok).
  • I plan on 40-50% attendance and I pick places where seating 10-12 shouldn’t be a problem.
  • I’m struck that it’s both easy and valuable to do these. I have to go to lunch anyway!
  • I’ve added another in March at yet a different location and scheduled a second one in April at our first location. I feel like once a quarter per location is a decent rhythm, have to just try location by location to see response and start to find someone near those locations to be the on site organizer (though I hope to attend many of them).
  • These fit with my target of focusing on relationships. We’ll still do technical content, but we need more social.