Two Posts About PASS

I’m a little late getting to this, but I think both of these are worth reading:

Suggest you post any thoughts on them to the appropriate post.  I’m working my thoughts about them for a post tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Two Posts About PASS

  1. Sadly, a peeve of mine that I’ve chosen to walk away from completely.

    The push back on Steff’s post from Rushabh as a former President of PASS is a bit frightening, and the non-answer from Grant restated on Steve’s post is also sad.

    I respect both of those guys as leaders but of PASS, but at this point I don’t see PASS as much more than a income stream for C&C, a hard truth the BoD doesn’t seem to be able to talk about.


    1. Jason, I’m sorry to see you walk away. For all its success, PASS has not gotten it all right. As I look back, it feels like we’ve never dealt with key issues; management company, the balance of earning money vs doing good, our lack of training for Board members, and well, you know. Nothing wrong with not being great at everything, but it seems like on the things that don’t work well we don’t make much progress. Maybe too early in the morning answering your comment!


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