SQLSaturday Orlando 2018 Registration is Open

We’ve just opened up registration and the call for speakers for our 12th SQLSaturday here in Orlando. We did #1 back before we numbered them and this year we’re an astounding #801. It’s fun to watch that number keep increasing!

The call for speakers will end on July 20th. We encourage speakers to submit at least 2 sessions to give us some flexibility when building the schedule. Look for the full schedule to be be announced around August 1.

We’re also looking for two pre-cons this year. Both will be held on Friday October 5th. If you’re interested send the title and abstract to our event email (or to me and I’ll forward to the group). Terms are the usual; we split any profit with speakers after taking out expenses. We’ll do our best to market it, you can help by giving us a topic and abstract that will appeal to both the attendee and their boss!

We’ve got the usual team back together again and at least one new volunteer joining us this year (and looking for a couple more). We’ll be meeting soon to divide up the work and talk about my favorite part of planning – what will we try new this year? Last year we did Family Feud and it was amazing. We might do that again, but we will definitely try at least one new thing.

Finally, if you’re in the Orlando area and love SQL, I hope you’ll consider submitting a presentation this year. Look for an announcement soon about a prep class to help you get started!


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