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I’ve spent most of my career using VSS and TFS, mainly because that’s what was being used. Better any source control than none. Now I’m working with a tam that uses Git, so I’m learning enough to check-in changes and merge and clean and the other basics. I’ve gathered a few resources, you’ll probably use more than one and which ones depend on how you learn best.



2 thoughts on “GIT Learning Resources

  1. When you are ready just google around for “gitflow workflow” or “github flow” and learn that “process” (not the tool, it sucks). Once you know and understand that workflow model you’ll wonder how you ever lived without git. Process is: git clone, then branch, then rebase, rebase, rebase, then merge, then push.

    Everything is so much easier with this workflow.

    I’d also skip gitraken. It hides too much of the “understanding”. It’s akin to people who just learn SSMS and think they know SQL. They don’t, learn SQL. Same with tortoisegit, which most people use when coming from svn or tfs. Again, those tools force github to work like your old tools and workflows. Just use git-gui and the git command line. Yeah, you’ll pull your hair out for awhile but you’ll really thank me someday.


    1. Dave, thanks for that. Rebase is a gap for me. Point taken on gitkraken too, though it just looks so nice!


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