MS Exams Increasing In Price

Just glanced through the MCP newsletter and see that the price of the exams (or at least the one I looked at) is increasing from $150 to $165. It’s hard not to question whether the exam is worth $165 (or even $150) – it just doesn’t have a lot of value in the market (which isn’t to say there is no value in taking an exam or two). I’d guess the fee is mostly paid by employers and the increase won’t add up to enough to cause them to complain.


3 thoughts on “MS Exams Increasing In Price

  1. I got my first real DBA job because I had a MCDBA for SQL Server 2000. That certification got me the interview, but I still had to prove I knew as much if not more than the developer (accidental DBA) at that company.


  2. I’m not sure your comment is entirely fair. The exams aren’t easy and when passed, you can assume the student has done a reasonable amount of genuine study (or knows it). For me (as an employer), the qualification is invaluable and yes, I pay for our staff to sit them. The monetary increase is small for the discipline and structure if give to qualitative learning.


    1. Hey Geoff,

      Sorry for the late reply. You’re right on not entirely fair. I think I want them to be more than they are, or realistically can be. I’d like them better if they were less new feature focused (or more new feature focused). I think paying for exams is first class, as is encouraging employees to take the exams. Its a way to get them started on building and maintaining skills.


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