Notes From SQLSaturday Jacksonville 2016

  • Everything ran smooth
  • The site reminds me of Orlando – limited space for sponsors, but offset by the other advantages (free venue, great parking, good rooms)
  • Lunch was 4 lines of real food and it looked like the max wait was in the 8 minute range (and less for many). Food was self-serve which works, but I’m still a fan of having a team of volunteers serve, the biggest reason is that it just makes it easier on the attendee.
  • Rooms had 6 sheets of paper taped to each door with session info. Each slightly overlaid a later session/sheet of paper. All they had to do was remove the top sheet. Simple and elegant.
  • I stopped by the room Brian had set up for kids to spend the day learning. 10 kids (capacity) and there were 10 more on the wait list. They were building paper bridges when I was there. Interesting note, each child had a name tag that included the phone number of their on site parent.
  • It was relaxing to be “just” an attendee. I found I preferred the auditorium type rooms because there was power at each seat. Learned a few things, a good day. On the long breaks I did some PC cleanup and finally have all my stuff running on Windows 10 (in VM’s hosted in Parallels on OSX).
  • Surprise of the trip was trying out Moxie, a restaurant near the event site. Interesting menu, you should go look. I had the bread pudding waffle and chicken (good), skipped the roasted pigs ears.