SSC Editorial: Would You Move for a Job?

I won’t say never, but it’s unlikely I’d move for a job – my roots are here in Orlando and I like it that way, but things change, and certainly there are other points of view on the risk/reward calculation. I was struck by the comment that this is a “first world problem” which is fair to a point – getting a job trumps just about everything else. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a topic worth consideration and discussion. Lots of interesting points of view in the comments, especially those from people who have elected to live in areas with fewer opportunities.

See what you think:


2 thoughts on “SSC Editorial: Would You Move for a Job?

  1. Experienced minds at least – once you hit the decision point you’re forced into figuring out what you care about most. I think its something worth talking about – it’s not an easier answer, or one answer that never changes.


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