Notes From the September 16, 2015 Jacksonville SQL User Group Meeting

Forgot to post the next day and now missing details! Notes:

  • Rained the entire drive up (and back)
  • Not a bad drive for me, about 2 hours
  • You know it’s a strange day when you turn left at Wackos to get there
  • Location is a restaurant/bar/grill. Had to look twice, is this the right place? They have several meeting rooms and the space worked out fine.
  • Really good crowd for a rainy night, 30 attendees!
  • Food was provided, wings/chicken fingers/veggies, and they sent leftovers home with several attendees – nice touch
  • My presentation on corruption went fine. Saw quite a few eyes light up as they learned something. Think many were surprised about my saying that it was smart to call for help if corruption happens – tendency is to DIY the fix, not always the right thing to do.
  • I liked the vibe of the group. Quiet, comfortable, good questions, good feedback afterward
  • Thanks to Devin, Scott, and Eric for inviting me and being gracious hosts