Notes From The August 13, 2015 Spacecoast SQL Meeting

  • Meeting is held at Sonny’s BBQ, they have a long room (used to be outside seating) that works pretty well for a small group. Plus the food is good!
  • Presented the basics of avoiding, detecting, and repairing corruption
  • 11 attendees. Was worried for a few minutes, almost everyone came in about 6:25 for the 6:30 meeting start
  • It’s about a 70 minute drive each way for me, luckily no accidents/rain slowed me down in either direction
  • After the meeting we talked about having a SQLSaturday in Cocoa Beach next  year, we’ll meet again at SQLSaturday Orlando for the go/no-go decision (more in a separate post on that)
  • I had invited Ken Tucker, the local .Net leader, to attend so that we could discuss whether SQLSaturday could partner with his group or perhaps just host a .Net track and that may still happen, but more interesting is Ken and Kathleen Branch (runs Spacecoast) are going to try running joint meetings for a while. Both are struggling with attendance, it’s a small town, so trying something different is worthwhile