Notes From SQLSaturday Jacksonville #391

Beautiful weather for a SQLSaturday! Everything went well, as expected but always appreciated. Just a few notes on this one:

  • They had one person dedicated to the donuts/coffee area, cleaning up empty boxes and helping point out which boxes had what kind. Nice service. Might be interesting to label the boxes to reduce the open/look/go to next box shuffle, but still like having someone there. Might be separate from the coffee role for us in Oralndo.
  • Registration moved inside to the back. Worked ok, but got crowded. They had the usual table for people to cut raffle tickets and it made me wish – again – for an alternative that is still analog. Badge swiping just doesn’t engage attendees the way a raffle ticket does, or at least hasn’t so far.
  • Good signs, except for the one room located away from the main area
  • Doors had a sign for each session with abstract and speaker pic/info. I like this better than what we do in Orlando, just a list of sessions/name.
  • Speaker gift was a professionally taken photo. Good/creative/useful.
  • I finally noticed (re-noticed?) that evals can be done online. Where do those go? Are they anonymous? Think that should be stated. Also one question was awkward  “Did you enjoy the session?(1 – Yes, 2 – No, 3 – Sort of)”. I sorta don’t like that scoring.
  • They had real food (in addition to pizza) for lunch and I think it was the first time. The wait was a little longer than I’d like, but not terrible. I heard really good comments on the food, no complaints on the wait. I hope they repeat next year.
  • I had 30+ attend my session on learning plans, Great audience, good discussions.
  • I enjoyed Geoff Hiten on the cloud. Really good world view of capabilities/drivers.