Notes on the Updated SQLSaturday Web Site

I’m looking over the new SQLSaturday site as a consumer for the first time, seeing a few things:

  • I don’t see a place to find the preferred hotel? I found that useful in the past.
  • I really, really wish seminar registration had been baked in. It’s still ad hoc. Seems like this should be top of the list of things to add.
  • The scrolling banner for sponsors is really nice.
  • “Want to speak at this event” is still on the event home page. Don’t know if that is something that can be removed/turned off. It’s clearly too late to submit a session for this event.
  • The separation of tracks from rooms is interesting. I can see it being useful because tracks don’t always fill cleanly, but I do still prefer that room = track to the extent possible. Nice to just settle in. Maybe that’s bad, better to have people moving?
  • I wish clicking on a session also showed the other sessions in that track (or “sessions like this one”). Download link is obvious, that’s good.
  • I really wish speaker details showed inline for the session info. Clicking through sucks.
  • Speaker page seems like it could use a little more work. Not bad, just seems like it needs more.
  • Site seems slow in places.
  • NOTHING about Guidebook that I can see. Needs to be on the page at least!
  • Location map way down the page seems lost (at least for Jax, it comes after the seminar stuff)
  • Event news is blank. This was my attempt way back when to do faux blogging, I don’t know that it gets used? Drive usage, or maybe remove.
  • I don’t find the session glimpse compelling as formatted, but I like the idea. Maybe show more of a single session with the speaker photo. Make it about people too.
  • The networking page is gone! Or I don’t see it. I really miss that, why is it gone?