Notes From the February 2015 MagicPASS Meeting

I’m really late posting this, so the quality of the notes will suffer, but still:

  • I did a very intro level presentation on how indexes work, stats, and queries. It’s fun to both demystify a topic while also making them realize it really is complicated stuff!
  • I did the presentation using only a white board. Arguably slides and some animations might help, but in the beginning when it’s only concepts, I find a whiteboard works well.
  • Good questions. I think there might be something to be said for building a 2 hour to 4 hour video that we could show to beginners, developers, etc. The basics of how and why perf happens without getting into the deep internals.
  • 13 attendees
  • Dinner was Kendal’s mac & cheese & ham, salad, Girl Scout cookies. Good!
  • Kendal talking to the members about a cert study group. He has some good ideas and there seems to be some interest, I hope (hint) he blogs about it as they go.
  • As usual I didn’t stay after for the social time, preferring to get home in time to see the kids before they go to bed, but thinking I need to make time to go soon, just to see the rest of the MagicPass formula