Adding SSL to

I’ve had this task on the list for a while. I wanted to do a refresh on the basics of SSL and certs, plus I’m in favor of using SSL everywhere, even personal blogs.  I ended up using The complete guide to loading a free SSL certificate into an Azure website by Troy Hunt as a guide, one that worked really well. Less than an hour to get the cert, download OpenSSL, create the the PFX, upload it, and set the bindings. It’s not a hard task, but it does have a non-obvious step about loading the intermediate certificate that made me glad I used the guide.

It’s a really good task to have documented because it’s finicky and one that most of us will do rarely. Microsoft also has an article about SSL on Azure you might find helpful.

I’m not requiring SSL yet. I need to see how/if that works and what it will break, if anything. I’ll add that back to the list and get to it sooner, or later.