Let’s Create More After Hours Events at the Summit

We’ve got a good handful of events listed for After Hours so far, but couldn’t we have more? A couple thousand attend, a few hundred will be at these events, so there are plenty more opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with exploring Seattle, dinner with new friends, or whatever else, but it’s nice to have some options if none of those seem right for the evening. I love that Pat Wright continues the Photo Walk, a reminder that mornings are also a time to share interests and ideas. Why not organize something? It doesn’t have to target hundreds or even tens, just something that you want to do and hope that others will to do to. I’ve debated a Veterans meet up of some type. Maybe a few people want to meet for coffee and chess? What do you want to do?

Some suggestions (I don’t make the rules!) for making it happen:

  • Use EventBrite to manage it, everyone is used to it and its free
  • Send a note to PASS to get it added to the After Hours page
  • Blog and/or Tweet about it once in a while, and consider personal invites to people you know will be at the Summit
  • In general I’d say don’t schedule opposite “official” PASS events, but if it’s a handful of people don’t sweat it