SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 46

Registration count after some cancellations now at 577, way above my goal of 500. We’ve decided not to spend on LinkedIn this week, our numbers are good and we’re not thinking it would drive a lot. Tough call. I’d like to find out, but agree it’s money we can spend elsewhere. Sent the final message yesterday to the unregistered list, we’ll have a message to the attendees on Friday and a final reminder on Saturday morning. I also just sent out the first sponsor message to the list. We have four this week, then more to send following the event. Not sure of the final count, but we’re going to send a lot of sponsor messages (email blast on their behalf to the registered/opt-in list), quantity worries me, but I get the perceived value to sponsors. Something to watch.

Big conversation on our weekly call today was guessing attendance. We want rooms reasonably full, but not so full that people get frustrated. Paid unches plus comps, minus sponsor comps – a few speakers – a few volunteers? Registration * 70% (my rule of thumb). We’re adding a 10th room/track, we’ll schedule 3 morning sessions, reserve the three in the afternoon for any that were maxed out in the morning. Room size is the challenge. With some rooms holding only 30, just not a lot of flex. Really curious to see what the final is (goal is 350), but in terms of goal and trying to decide on a good enough formula.