SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 44

More notes:

  • Registration at 520. Not as big a bump this week as we expected, probably due to the message going out to the unregistered list Tuesday late afternoon, but equally possibly that we’re reached the ones that plan to go. I’m tempted to email again this week, but I think that’s too much. We’ll stick to the plan.
  • Kendal sweating having room for attendees, running some different calculations to decide if we should add a 10th track. We’re lucky that we have a room we can use and speakers on the wait list, so if want to do it, it’s a small amount of work to do so. The potential downside to adding a room is that we thin out the number of attendees per room. Good if we’re crowded, not good otherwise. I think we’ll add the track and go.
  • My goal was 350 attendees. I think we’ll hit that with our current reg count. Can we add more next week? I’m going to believe history and say we will, so my optimistic bet is 400 on site next Saturday.
  • I’ve also got to move things along on marketing our October meeting featuring Mark Souza. We debated, decided to go for something visual. Ordered two cardboard cutouts that we’ll “enhance” with his photo and a message about the event. We’ll have one at registration and one in the main foyer, and we’ll move them around during the day. Hoping for lots of chat and pics from it, and we might raffle off the cutouts at the end.
  • We have 52 registered total for our two seminars. Did we set a goal? I need to go back and look. I think we were thinking 20 each. Regardless, 52 is good, and we’ll see if we get a few more next week.
  • Related to that, reminder that we offered our speakers a 50% discount for the Friday seminar and a few of them took us up on it. I’d like to see that pattern grow. Wish we could do free, but a days training for $60 isn’t bad. I’m going to one, always something to learn!
  • We have 75 students registered (and not included in the 520 above because we’re not sure how many will attend in the afternoon). I’ll have a separate post on that.
  • So far only two of our sponsors committed to sending out a geo-targeted email about the event. Like to see that go up next year, need to build into sponsor plan and have those conversations early. Good for both sides.
  • We ended up selling 25 SQLSaturday Orlando polos (at our cost), I like that extra marketing outreach for next year!


Also, here’s the message that ONETUG sent out for us to their list. We saw a bump of about 20 so far (we can’t measure well), and I think we’ll do even better next year when we make an all our effort to have content designed to appeal to their members.