SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 34

Tuesday we sent our metronomic email of the week. No huge call to action this week. My schedule called for a BI focus and I struggled to write it, so I changed to something I could write! We added in the reminder about oPASS/MagicPASS meetings, trying to reinforce the SQLSaturday <—> Chapter connection. Remember that they won’t read every email we send. As long as the message contains the basics, then we’re waiting/hoping for them to open at least one. More than anything I want every message to have a subject line that conveys a lot of reasons to open the message.




Next we have an update on our new LinkedIN campaign. Took a few days for the ad to be approved and it doesn’t seem to be generating a lot of impressions, but I’m ok with that – it’s targeted at SQL titles, so we may be spending more effectively. We’ll let this run into next week.




Other notes:

  • I’m working on our mystery speaker plan. Slow going due to logistics planning.
  • We’re close to break even on seminars and still tracking ahead of previous years. Next week I think we’ll return to “ask the boss” as the theme
  • We’re discussing selling SQLSaturday Orlando polo’s online for pickup at the event. It would be about a break even effort, but I think worth it to get our brand distributed more widely. Basically no risk if we do it this way, they’ll get added to the speaker shirt order
  • I don’t have an updated graph handy, but we’re at 282 registered, so we’re still tracking ahead of all previous years and if we can hold the trend Kendal is forecasting 456 registered and 350 on site. My goal was 500 way back on April 29th and I’m still focused on that. Excel forecast..bah!