Building The SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan–Part 30

First, a quick update on the LinkedIn advetising campaign. One click so far, no registrations. More views than I expected for a Sunday.




I drafted the next message to be emailed out this weekend and sent out for feedback. Good feedback on the first draft, made those changes and more, waiting on next round of feedback. We added a sponsor over the weekend so I may have to update the footer. Sending the weekly message out at about 10 am on Tuesday works well, it’s a good for email (better than Monday anyway) and we have our weekly call at 1130 so we can launch directly into the next message.

Here’s what I have in mind for the remaining weeks, subject to change:

  • 8/12. Focus on BI topics
  • 8/19. Bring a Colleague
  • 8/26. Make It 3 Days (seminars + Sat)
  • 9/3. (Labor Day week) Open for now
  • 9/16. Attend SQLSaturday to Get a Guaranteed Seat to see ***** on October 15th!
  • 9/18. Highlight the speakers/last call for reg
  • 9/23. Sponsor email (reg list only)
  • 9/24. Last chance for seminars
  • 9/25. Sponsor email (reg list only)
  • 9/26. Event reminder/logistics/Guaranteed seat for Oct special event
  • 9/27. Final reminder about the event/is ok to arrive late or only do half of the day

Still not getting much traction on Twitter. Not unexpected, we’ll keep at it.

I wrote three abstracts for a half day “From Student to IT Professional” that will cover networking, staffing firms, SQL community, and a very basic introduction to SQL Server/SSIS/RS. We’ll be talking about those tomorrow and tweaking, plus identifying who will do the presentations. I have to get the email message and flyer to the college by Friday, so not much time. We’re also working on a beginner/career changer half day in the afternoon.

We had a great meeting last week with the ONETUG leadership team and started work on a reciprocal support agreement to really work at promoting each others events. Different focus, yet very similar approaches, and yet plenty of differences to explore too! I’ll be at the August ONETUG meeting to hand out flyers.

Still a lot to do.