Building The SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan–Part 27


  • Email with the schedule went out this week, nice bump in registrations – we’re at 229 today
  • Mailed the list twice (bad) because the bulk loaded list is a subset of the attendee list (need to get the criteria for each list)
  • More emphasis on Twitter this week, trying to put up a message per speaker, and then we’ll see about scheduling them over the next 60 days to repeat a few times
  • I’m still thinking on the slides for area groups. Is what we have enough? Too much? See below
  • Twitter cards don’t seem to work, have to be able to put meta tag in header of site/page
  • Discussed offering some branded SQLSat Orlando stuff at the event for a fee – maybe the beach towels we did last year. Would brand without the “#318” so we could re-use? Or does it add value?
  • Email to speakers later this week to confirm them and ask for help in marketing
  • Still need to tweak home page!
  • Working to schedule dinner with ONETUG this week
  • Working on meeting with team at the hosting venue (Seminole State College) tomorrow
  • Need to think about what incentives we can send out via local staffing companies when we get them in the game. More on that soon.