Building the SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 24

We’re at 180 registered so far and we haven’t published the schedule yet! So far so good. We’re on track to have the schedule live at 60 days out, maybe a little bit sooner. For those not attending you don’t get to see our marketing messages, so I’m including screenshots of the last two (one last week, one this week). Any thoughts?

Subject Line: Registration for SQLSaturday Orlando Is Open – Please Register Today!




Subject Line: SQLSaturday Add-On: Spend a Day Learning Monitoring Strategies for SQL Server for only $120



Other stuff:

  • We have the event posted on the oPASS LinkedIn group and sent a message to those list members
  • We’re staffing Twitter Mon-Fri, trying to reply to everyone that gets a system auto tweet when they register and plugging the two seminars
  • You might miss it if you don’t zoom on the images, one of the low key ideas I tried was raffling a seat at the speaker dinner to early registrants. Someone wins, something else to talk about. What else can I raffle?
  • Got the flyers and thumbnails loaded to the site. I hacked the thumbnails, doing a screen capture and then uploading to a site that does it for free.

More soon!

2 thoughts on “Building the SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 24

  1. Having been around the SQLSaturday community as an attendee and speaker, (as well as a regular reader of this blog, so I know what your team is up to) I get lots of SQL Saturday emails, which normally get marked as read with secondary full reading after hours. I can say the “SQLSaturday Add-On” email was opened and consumed immediately after receiving it. The subject of that one compelled me to see what this Add-On was that I wasn’t aware of, and likely is the extra push I need to go and register for David Pless’s precon.


    1. I’m not used to that kind of good feedback! That’s good. I thought for a while before coming up with “add-on” to try to bridge the gap between free and paid. I’ll be curious to see if it works!


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