Project Moriarty

This past weekend I started writing notes for what I’m calling Project Moriarty, what I hope will be five questions in a row that have to be solved individually, but then based on information in the questions and correct answers will lead those that complete the challenge to solve the overall challenge posed by Moriarty. It’s a leap from what I’ve done before and one that is a large unknown, and it has the feeling of stacking dominos, if I blow one question in the sequence I could ruin or invalidate the ending. Just writing my notes I’m undecided, is it five questions, or six? Can I build the clues I will need in four days to get to the summary on day 5, or perhaps include some final ones in day 5? Having a separate question on day 6 seems anti-climactic, but we’ll see.

I have no idea how long it will take. It seems like if I can nail down the plot, it might go quickly. Of course “nailing down the plot” isn’t trivial! It’s also a fill-in project for what little time I have left after working on SQLSaturday Orlando, doing some other presentations, prepping for the Summit, etc, etc. I’m hoping to finish by mid August, but it will take what it takes.