Writing A Question Of the Day–More Notes

One of the things I’m trying to do now is include a link to a blog(ger) in the explanation. That might be because they wrote something that inspired me to write a question (such as http://www.statisticsparser.com/) or because they wrote something that adds value to the topic, something over and above (or just better) than the BOL links I usually provide. I think I’ll try to do more on the references, if someone has taken the time to try the question, read the answer, maybe they’ll be curious enough (and persistent enough) to read another link or two if they are right there and very relevant.

I also sent in a request for a change to the question editor. Below in gray is the editor today and you can see that the explanation is just a blob. My suggestion, in red, is to set it up so that someone writing a question is prompted to put in an explanation for each answer. That drives a better quality question and would allow for more consistent formatting on the explanation display. The downside is that making it just one line as I’ve shown here suggests it should be a short explanation, most of mine are 2-3 sentences, so getting the UI “right” will call for skills beyond my red box drawing ones.