Building the SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan–Part 5

More notes, many from a chat with Kendal.

We wish we could see the open rate on email and an easy way to do A/B testing. The emailer in the site (mine, or a derivative maybe) was just built to send a lot of email, no bells and whistles. Would the open rate help? Don’t know.

We don’t do much or have a solid plan for tracking referrals, it’s just a text box. We need to pull that from last year and see what we get. The hard part is without an incentive few people are going to enter it (or do they?). Even without email opens maybe we can get close to the same or better by putting in a shortened ULR instead of the direct link, then we could see which link in which email was used to register (or not). That seems promising. We also don’t do anything to reward/recognize referrals and we should. How to do this easily?

I wonder how many previous registrants we have a twitter handle for? Maybe we could DM an invite, try to have a conversation and not just a message?

We have a contact with local newspaper – when to try to run that?

Add FLAdotnet to our list of people with lists.

Other chapters in Fla – SQL and .Net – we need to work with them, give me a clean clear message to deliver, maybe also a simple usable graphic for the event that includes the date.

Add Orlando tech events to list of lists.

Plug at other fla events (fliers maybe?).

Try to get speakers at other events to mention Orlando

Graphic with date of event for sites/others

iCal – have to make it easy to get on their calendar. Best way?

Students at hosting college. We’ve tried before, what can do different? We’ve discussed a newbie track staffed from speakers selected for other topics.

I’ll be looking over posts 1-5 this weekend to see if I can see gaps and start to nail down the what. Tomorrow/this weekend I’ll write about seminar marketing, I need that piece too.

2 thoughts on “Building the SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan–Part 5

  1. One idea I had while in Atlanta SQL Saturday this weekend is to have the PASS Booth share information about other local/reginal SQL Saturdays. While the PASS Booth was staffed with folks giving out stickers and stuff, it might be an idea to have the booths do something more than simply branding, use the booth as an avenue for cross promotion.


    1. Worth a try, ideally something PASS would own/drive, just to get it off of my list:-) Would be a nice standard thing to offer.


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