Follow Up on The Unusable User–Question Of The Day

I posted about one of my questions of the day called The Unusable User last week and wanted to return to post some final stats and thoughts on how it turned out. First the stats:




Overall the comments on the question were good, especially about the style. I’m not sure what the style is yet. For example, for this one I took a bit of trivia I learned the hard way and made it (questionable? quizzable?) tough to solve by omitting the text of the error message.  That’s not a good real world scenario. In practice if you do get it wrong you  think, ok, no problem, make the change and move in about 20 seconds (and it’s nice that the error message is useful, not all of them are). Not having the error text does make you think a little more about what you do know. Thinking about that is useful, I think! Maybe I’d say the style so far is to make the questions such that you don’t get all the information, you have to know and/or infer. I think those can be more challenging and more frustrating, but more fun too. The other part is trying to do a good job on the answer. Not just what the right answer is and why, but more on why the wrong answers are wrong.

I haven’t though enough about it yet, but I’m thinking there are a handful of patterns in the question types and I need to try to define those.

I’m also wishing I could more easily see stats on the questions. Which types/tags are popular? What is the success rate?