Notes From the March 2014 oPASS Meeting

  • Rodney Landrum presenting
  • Lots of free form demos, very light on slides – nice change
  • Looked at Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power Map
  • Pivot vs Query is confusing, when to use what? Query seems to support more data sources
  • Nice demo of pulling in SQLSaturday upcoming events from web page, using a very nice split function that lets you split only on all, left most, or right most instance of the separator
  • Dropped data into Powermap and had an instant rendering on a world map. Interesting that SQLSaturday Dublin was shown as being in Georgia! Nice that it makes an attempt to just do something, not clear how much effort to get Dublin to not be in GA
  • Column names were blah (Column1, etc), presumably because no headers shown on the SQLSat page
  • Make sure you get latest Powerquery update at