Everything Is Awesome

If you don’t have kids you might not get the title of the post, it’s part of the theme song from The Lego Movie. We went to see it this past Saturday. Good fun! Lots of stuff to enjoy. The average hero pining for the girl who already has a boyfriend – Batman! The have you seen my pants bit (yeah, you have to watch to find out). Saving the world with some Zen thinking. And of course, finding the “piece of resistance”.  For those that insist, it’s lightly modeled on The Matrix, doesn’t make it any less fun. The ending will get you as a parent, a lesson about remembering that life isn’t all perfect corners and no mess.

I know you’re not sure, but listen to the song anyway – you’re strong, there’s no chance it will stick In your head all day. And if does, then…everything is awesome!