See Consolidated Data About SQLSaturday (Events, Sponsors, And Speakers)

Yesterday Kendal Van Dyke posted a file to Skydrive with consolidated information from all the events published so far. He built it by grabbing the individual event feeds and I’m guessing some scraping to come up with a file that is useful. Kudos to Kendal for doing this, it fills a gap that has been there too long. If you’re a Chapter leader, or wanting to find speakers on a given topic for a SQLSaturday, this data is pure gold. He’s taking feedback and I’m sure will be tweaking, but remember it’s just data, so you can do something with it too.

What I’m hoping is that PASS will adopt this as a project and bring it inside where it would have access to the data directly, no jumping through hoops, and expose one or more data feeds that people can build on.

It’s a reminder that the best way to get something done is to do it, even if in not fully polished form, and see what works.