The SQLSaturday Wiki–Revisited

I saw a discussion on Twitter yesterday where Kendal Van Dyke referenced the SQLSaturday wiki as a resource, I thought I’d post a reminder here about it and some thoughts on it as well. The build out of the wiki happened back in July 2010 – here’s my blog post about it. The goal then was to capture lessons and ideas and the few rules in one place and try to make it a living document. As I noted then, documentation is hard! Taking a look at the wiki today it has evolved some. Maybe not as much as I’d hoped, but enough that it’s not a document fixed in time in mid 2010. I hope that we can do more with it, there are so many great lessons and ideas that could be shared. The wiki shouldn’t be the only way, just one of the ways we do it.

Looking back, how we built the wiki is one of my favorite experiences while being on the Board. It was fun to engage a group of volunteers and build something. I wish we did more of it, then and now.