PASS Summit 2013–Board Q&A

PASS Board Q&A just starting. Session is being recorded – transcript will be published, no decision on whether recording will be published. About 35 people in the audience (I think most ever?). Adam Jorgensen moderating. [This is a very rough transcript, I know I didn’t catch everything and it’s not verbatim for what I did […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #14

More quick notes, it was a busy day: I saw down with PASS Board Rick Bolesta after the keynote to discuss his fifteen years of service. I’ll be publishing that interview sometime next week. Lunch today was ok, not as good as yesterday. I had a chance to interview the PASS Officers today at 2 […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #13

Incoming President Thomas LaRock up. 3000 viewers of PASS TV yesterday. Adam Jorgensen the the new VP of Finance and Denise McInerny is the new VP of Marketing. Talking about expanding into the BA Conference. Changed the mission statement to say data professionals. Next BA Conference is in San Jose May 7-9, 2014. Interesting that […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #12

Waiting on the second day keynote to begin. Douglas McDowell going over funding sources for PASS – primarily the Summit, but $100k from the BA Conference. Not clear if the slide/pie chart is correct, the BA funding seems larger than I’d have expected. Discussing the transformation of the budget process, also not clear on what […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #11

Today flew by. I posted earlier about my visit with Dr. DeWitt and it’s late, so bullets for the rest of the news for today. Bagels at Einsteins are good. Not that I didn’t expect them to be, just confirming! I watched part of Windows Azure Deep Dive by Mark Russinovich. Good stuff, though I […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #8

Still at the opening day keynote, waiting for next demo to start. I think the PASS water bottles are the most useful thing we’ve got as attendees in a while – using mine now. Glenn Berry commented on Twitter that they don’t have clients on stage this year, just referenced. Very nice change. Video about […]

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PASS Summit 2013 Report #7

Waiting on Microsoft keynote to begin. Hoping for excitement! SQL 2012 has had fastest adoption rate. No arguing it’s good, wonder why adopted faster than earlier upgrades? Things to ask. Only talking about things today that are available or ‘soon will be’. I get the point, but ‘soon’ is a word that isn’t quite the […]

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