Assorted Links for April 13, 2013

  • Consider adding Troy Hunt to your feed list
  • Great post about the role of staffing firms in your job search and saying no to offers that aren’t good enough
  • VoltDB claims to the be the fastest OLTP database – anyone out there tried it?
  • I don’t want to work at Valve (nothing against them, just don’t want to move), but I think I’d like to work at a company that has their philosophy – read their new employee handbook to see if you would (it’s worth your time to read).
  • If you’re using the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics there is an updated driver that is supposed to improve performance by 10%.
  • Can’t find a laptop with enough horsepower? Maybe try a Stealth box.
  • Free burritos for a year isn’t a bad deal and dirt cheap marketing!
  • Simple and effective standing desk from steel pipe. Check out the Kee Klamps for a lot of options if you’re going to build one.
  • Seagate to stop production of 7200 RPM laptop drives – SSD’s taking over that market (and with good reason!).