We Need a Place for SQLFamily News

I’m writing this because I was thinking about a member of the local PASS chapter on the way home last night, a friend who lost his spouse to illness after a long and happy marriage. I had known about her illness, but only knew that she died because he chose to write something on his blog. I saw the post and forwarded it on to some of the other members that knew him so that we could offer thoughts and support during a tough time.

That had me thinking, what if I had not seen the post? I read a few blogs, check in on Twitter when I can, but I could easily miss news like this, and that would bother me.

It has me wishing for a place where we can post SQLFamily news. Marriages, birth of children, deaths, maybe even birthdays and promotions and personal successes like passing an exam. It might also be a channel that we could use to gather support if someone we know needs help. No ads, no commercials, just stuff about us.

I’d like it to be low noise,something I can scan easily and can go scan backwards if I’ve fallen behind on reading. I’d like to be respectful of privacy – only publish things that people are ok with sharing,or maybe that they share directly via that channel. That means some amount of curating or moderating I think.

I don’t have a grand vision beyond that, or even a preference yet on how to do it. Maybe it’s something PASS could help with, maybe it’s something we should just do – if we in the SQLFamily think it’s a good idea. I hope you’ll comment on the idea, or blog about it, or discuss it on Twitter, is there something here that is worth doing and doable?

3 thoughts on “We Need a Place for SQLFamily News

  1. I like this idea, and have a thought on how this could be implemented. I”ll even volunteer to set it up. It”ll be a blog, where all the posts are sql family news. I”ll be the moderator, and probably share that duty with one or two others who may be interested. When anybody has news to share, they email it to the moderators, who post it on the blog. Each email/news item is one blog post. Simple to set up, operate, and read history on.


  2. This is an excellent idea. A close friend of mine, who was also my co-worker, passed away about 18 months ago. The saddest thing is that his passing has meant almost nothing to those he effected through his diligence and work. I””””d like to see something like this come about, to mark major things in people””””s lives, or the passing of their lives.


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