PASS Summit 2012-Wednesday Keynote Part 1

It’s 8:15 on Wednesday and I’m at the blogger table, hoping for a good to great keynote.

First up is Bill Graziano:

  • 3894 attendees at the 14th annual Summit
  • Check web site for PASS TV
  • Asking all the speakers from any PASS event to stand-it’s a long of people
  • Now introducing the current Board of Directors (it’s interesting the use of describing their roles as ‘running’ or ‘managing’ – true, but not strategic)
  • MyPASS launched at, personalized landing page and ability to easily join Chapters and manage Chapter email subscriptions (kudos to Allen Kinsel)
  • Went to SQLSaturday in China (China! how cool is that)
  • SQLSaturday shirt day didn’t get quite the take up hoped for – bring one next year
  • 79 SQLSaturday in past year
  • Third annual Nordic SQLRally next year
  • Portugese and Spanish versions of 24 Hours of PASS being planned
  • PASS Business Analytics Conference April 10-12 in Chicago next year
  • Discussing global growth; appointed Board members, Chapter growth, proposing a change to by-laws to designate seats on the Board to specific regions, planning to publish for review in next 60 days and prior to a Board vote
  • Exhibit hall sold out, hours extended until mid afternoon on Friday
  • Community Zone is new this year, opens at 7 am
  • All session evals are online this year using Guide or kiosk