I’ll Be Presenting at the PASS Summit 2012

I’m a little late posting this, but I had two sessions accepted out of four I submitted. I’ll be doing Building Your Professional Development Plan which is a tweak of the session I’ve done the last few years (and which gets very good comments!) and a brand new one, Learn About The Mentoring Experiment. Both are spotlight sessions and I’m looking forward to the extra time allotted to those to have more dialogue with the attendees

Learn About The Mentoring Experiment  will be co-presented with my friend Steve Jones. We’ll talk about how the idea started,  what we hope to achieve, what we’ve learned so far, and some of the experiments we’re working on. We’ll also talk about the tremendous interest in mentoring and the potential impact on careers. It’s something a bit different, both for us and for content at the Summit, and I appreciate that the selection committee was willing to put it on the schedule.