SQLSaturday Site Wish List

Overall I find the site to be useful and responsive, but sometimes I see small things that I wish were different, or wish were there, so I’m sharing the ones I’ve noticed lately – maybe they’ll make it on to the backlog!

  • Schedule Page. Before the ‘real’ schedule is built this displays a list of all the submitted sessions. I’d like to see icons/links for Twitter/Linked here. This is the page I mean.
  • Session Detail Page. I had a couple speakers for Orlando that had a missing or incomplete URL for LinkedIn. This might be old data being resubmitted, or just not good enough validation when it’s originally submitted.
  • Session Detail Page Again. Not everyone has a Gravatar image. I used Gravator back when I built that part because it was easy and LinkedIn image retrieval seemed hard, but LinkedIn is probably the better source.
  • Real blog for events. I’m posting the speaker announcements to my blog and that’s ok, but I’d rather see it on an event blog (probably a SQLSaturday blog with posts tagged to events). We have a not very baked ‘news’ capability, but it’s rarely if ever used. Give us a real blog so we can use LiveWriter and theme it to match the main site.
  • Scheduled Speaker Selection Announcements. Possibly this falls into the lazy category, but it would be nice to edit the list of submitted speakers to set a ‘release date’ and have the site generate the announcement/blog post and send it out to attendees (and post to the blog and from there to Twitter). This could have their bio, picture, maybe other stuff from their profile.
  • On the admin site when I view the session list, I can’t see the speaker email – that would sometimes be useful!
  • Require/automate creating the event on LinkedIn. It’s more one place to market.
  • For LinkedIn events the standard event logo gets distorted,would be nice to have one that looks good!
  • It would also be nice (maybe I’m missing it if already there) to manage speaker status separate from session status. For #151 I pasted into a spreadsheet so I could manage the date blogged,notified, and confirmed.
  • Location page. More info. List relevant airports and distance to the event, notes on any public transit and if it makes sense (in Orlando its an option, but it’s a lonnnng ride). Live link to the hotel site.
  • Event Map. I’d like to see the room layout and a detail of how to get to the exact building, even if hand drawn.