Expectations-The Big Disconnect

One of the things I’ve learned from running events is to set expectations. If you’re going to provide coffee don’t run out of coffee – they expect it to be there. If you’re not going to provide coffee, that’s ok, as long as you let your attendees know. The thing about expectations that is hard […]

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Build a Little Free Library

I saw this on the Boing Boing feed yesterday, Little Free Library is a project to try to build 2500 mini libraries (to give you an image, think book house rather than bird house). I’m taken with the simplicity of the project – just building something. Use their plan or use their own. Put one […]

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Go Look at NELL

NELL (Never Ending Language Learning) is a computer system that is trying to learn to read the web. Couple things about this that might you find interesting: NELL tweets each time it learns a new fact – follow @cmunell You can download the belief file (15 million total, 1 million that are ‘high confidence’) Of […]

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Varied and Interesting Links

Here are some things I’ve run across in the past few weeks you may find interesting: FailCon. Billed as a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others” failures and prepare for success. Talking about and sharing failure is powerful, I think worth the $79 entrance fee. Quickly […]

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SQLRally 2012-Closing Thoughts

It was interesting to watch an event that started 17 months ago with Dallas, Nashville, and Denver submitting applications to the be host city, a long selection process, a long site selection process, and then all the rest that lead up to a successful event this week. I know that a lot of work went […]

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SQLRally 2012-Friday

Started the day early, heading to the Convention Center to be at Starbucks at 6:45 for the networking event I was hosting with Craig Purnell (and with coffee paid for by the Dallas SQL Group!). Craig brought some ‘coffee tickets’ so we had some control over the budget and we waited to see how many […]

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SQLRally 2012–Thursday

Arrived at the convention center about 7:30, managed to arrive at the right end of the convention center and walked right into the end that had the room for the welcoming session. No coffee available yet. Welcoming remarks were ok, covered PASS, other event formats, chapters, schedule changes, delivered by Sri and Ryan. Sri asked […]

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SQLRally 2012–Wednesday

Had a nice lunch at On The Border at Orlando International before my flight, used that time to finish some writing Checked in at the self service kiosk at OIA for my America Airlines flight, was interesting that when I clicked ‘change seat’ I could move from window to aisle on the same row for […]

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My Garden Update

It’s been just over two months since I started my small  home garden. The initial work to clear the area wasn’t much fun, but after that it wasn’t bad. We bought seedlings at Home Depot this time, I think next time we’ll try starting from seeds (browse the Burpee site for some interesting choices!) – […]

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