SQLRally 2012-Closing Thoughts

It was interesting to watch an event that started 17 months ago with Dallas, Nashville, and Denver submitting applications to the be host city, a long selection process, a long site selection process, and then all the rest that lead up to a successful event this week. I know that a lot of work went on during that time – a lot! Thank you to the volunteers and staff, and to the speakers (who are undoubtedly volunteers as well) for providing a very nice experience for all of who attended this week.

Some more thoughts:

  • I liked the sponsor/lunch area in Dallas a lot. It’s nice to have an area where you can sit during the day to chat, and it was a great place to hold the end of day raffle (which can get tedious if you’re standing in the Orlando sun!).
  • Having Gelato at the Thursday night sponsor expo was nice, close to compelling. Quick to serve, easy to carry, and it drew people back to the room.
  • The bus to Karaoke was a win, I wish we had done a bus in Orlando to our evening event.
  • I liked the Orlando location better. Nicer facility,rooms closer together,felt slower paced and intimate. Walking in Dallas was close to Summit scale.
  • Orlando didn’t have a volunteer wearing a jacket (Sri habitually wears one)
  • I see more and more people using the Guidebook on their phone. It was amusing to see an update titled ‘session cancellation’, and then later another update titled ‘reverse session cancellation’! I wish it included more info on the schedule about meals and events.
  • I was disappointed that there was no announcement or forecast on when and where the next SQLRally will be held. Last year we started late due to venue struggles and a first time selection process, I had hoped this year it would be smoother and would announce at the end of the event.
  • I’m heading home less tired than from the Summit. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the Summit; I do. But a week in Seattle and the flight from Orland and back, by the time I get home I’m done.

2 thoughts on “SQLRally 2012-Closing Thoughts

  1. Andy,
    Thank you for speaking at SQLRally this year! I found your presentation “Building Your Professional Development Plan” to be very inspiring and thought invoking. I will have a more thought out development plan created over the next week. The after session conversation was even better…thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with me! Hope to see you again at a future event.
    Brent Willis


  2. Brent, thanks for attending my presentation, I”m glad you found it helpful, and look forward to checking back in a few months to see what parts of it helped (and which didn”t!).



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