SQLRally 2012–Wednesday

  • Had a nice lunch at On The Border at Orlando International before my flight, used that time to finish some writing
  • Checked in at the self service kiosk at OIA for my America Airlines flight, was interesting that when I clicked ‘change seat’ I could move from window to aisle on the same row for $19. They definitely work at upsells, but that isn’t bad, it’s nice to be given options.
  • Flight was ok. When we landed at DFW it felt like we taxi’d for 10 minutes, some subtle plot to reinforce that Texas is big?
  • Taxi ride in was $50.50. Gave the driver $60, he gave me back a $10 and said I owed him fifty cents. Ok I guess.
  • Checked in at the Sheraton, they have a sign at registration that says if you forego the daily room cleaning you get a $5 discount on food and beverage. Seems like a smart strategy.
  • Went to Aloft for the opening night networking party. Probably a 100 people there at one point. Good crowd, everyone standing and mixing, almost no one alone, everyone getting pulled in to a group.
  • About 7:30 I joined a group going to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, ended up being 10 of us,which I think is about as big a group as you put at a table and have it work. Great 2 hour dinner,lots of interesting conversations, lots of ideas to work on.
  • We walked back from dinner to Aloft to see if anyone still there, not many, but then as we stood there people started to filter in, and we ended up standing there talking for another hour.