Building a Presentation Map

This idea came up during a critique of a presentation. I may have re-invented (or re-labeled) something that is already out there, but wanted to throw this out as a different way to look at presentations. Presentations are stories, performances, and they need to flow, but seeing that flow isn’t easy when you’re the presenter, or easy to describe if you’re the critic discussing it afterward.


I haven’t tried this, so take it with a grain or two of salt. My thought is to start by filling in a rough slide name so I can see where I should be on the timeline, then think about what I want to happen during that period – do I want to demo, talk, ask the audience questions, or – more advanced – try to get them to ask the right question? It would be interesting to have this in hand in advance as a critic, do they follow their planned flow? Did they get the questions they wanted to drive?

Not sure map is the right word,but diagram didn’t seem quite right either. Flow map? Presentation flow diagram? Interested to hear what you think.